Kayaking on the Rio Bueno

1 hour 45 minutes Min Age: 12 yrs old Maximum Weight: 280lbs

Paddling your way down stream

As you arrive at River Rapids, you are introduced to your tour guide who provides you with your safety gear and paddle. You then follow your guide on a 7 minute walk through the jungle landscape and to your kayak, where you take your seat and then enter the swift flowing water. The currents carry your kayak downstream, challenging you to paddle confidently through numerous areas of exciting class 1 and 2 rapids and picturesque river pools. 

As you follow your guide through the river course, you will arrive at a rest area nestled under the giant bamboo tree. This stop gives you some time to chill out, take a dip, and take a plunge from the elevated jump platform into the refreshing river water. 

Your kayaking tour continues as the river currents carry your kayak over some more cascades, eventually taking you under an old colonial stone bridge and towards the Caribbean Sea. As the river currents begin to fade, you are met by a small boat for a scenic ride along the coastline to Bengal Beach.

At the beach, you have some free time to swim in the warm water of the Caribbean Sea, have a few drinks at the beach bar, or just relax under the Jamaican sun before returning to your cruise ship or hotel.

Tour Pricing

1 Hour 45 Minutes
All prices include round trip transportation from cruise ship ports and hotels in Falmouth, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Runaway Bay
  • Minimum Age: 12 yrs old
  • Maximum Weight: 280 lbs
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